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The weekend was moderately successful. The main business, the seventh birthday of the Captain and associated ceremonials passed off well.

My mum has arrived to help out with getting the holiday let house in good shape. She's a great gardener so she's giving the garden a good once over. She's also doing bit of DIY and generally being on hand to keep tradesmen focused. She also has a job to do exploring the village and surrounds and making friends with the locals.

My daughter came up from university for the weekend arriving on Friday.

I got home from a week of being successfully audited by internal audit fo find my family waiting for me and all well and in good spirits.

Family takeaway from the nice Thai takeaway with mum and dad, MLW, BB and the Captain. All very nice until my dad picked a fight with my mum about the need for more populism in the NHS and I called him a Faragist. (There being in my view a very important distinction between popular engagement and populist engagement.)

Saturday, no early morning football due to the Captain's foot injury. Mum and MLW made an early morning run to B&Q. Then the Rugby. A mass expedition of MLW, the Captain and I, the Captain's Good Friend and his dad, an old school friend of mine, her husband and their rugby mad son to Murrayfield to watch Scotland (still in contention for second) play Italy (still in contention for their first win of the tournament). Sadly for both teams neither was to be. In not great conditions for precision rugby Scotland ran in four tries for a 29-0 victory. This somewhat flattered us as the Italian kicker missed three straightforward kicks at goal and then gave up prompting a ten minute passage of Italy kicking for the corner and having their driving maul not work. So of Scotland's kicking out of hand was of questionable quality and value and the crowd got a bit bored, frustrated and restless. I'm not saying the crowd were unhappy but if not exactly disgruntled they were very far from gruntled. They cheered up after a well attended Mexican wave and the bonus point-winning fourth try. I'm told the game looked better on TV than from the North stand.

Fairwell Vern Cotter, but not I hope adieu to Scotland's more attacking, higher quality style of play.

The Captain had a small nap in the backseat of the car on the way home. He'd been very excited about his birthday, often waking during the night for a visit to our bed and was very, very tired. Happy but tired.

I introduced mum to rugby with the second half of the Wales - France match. Explaining the last 20 minutes put me on my metal but I think I managed to convey some of the game and she picked up on the potential moral hazard of the French doctor. As little as can be said about the England - Ireland game the better. Sadly, the chips did not fall where they needed to for Scotland to finish second, or even third and we ended the Six Nations with a muted 4th. I'd have taken that at the begining of the tournament. We must rue the missed opportunity for a fourth try against England.

Sunday arrived. Early. The Captain's party was at 10am in a massive softplay dome. It's the old Leith water park, now converted in to a muti-story climbing frame. It's definately the best in Edinburgh. He and his friends had a grand time. The event was well run by the venue staff and MLW. Everyone had a lovely time. My son has the sweatiest head in his class.

Home for presents, of which there were many. The quality of toys and co is definately higher than it was ten or twenty years ago. The main big present is a PlayStation 4 with Lego Dimensions. I have no idea what to do. Nor does the Captain. It took me hardly any time to set it up but a while for the controllers to charge up. A short play, then out for tea, then home for some more epic Lego adventuring.

All in all in a fine weekend.
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I have been to the USA. Specifically to Columbus, Ohio on a week long business trip.

It was fine. The necessary business was taken care of as much as it could be. Columubus is a nice town. It's about twice as big as Edinburgh, flat and a little dull but perfectly pleasant. I would not hurry to go there on holiday but if I had to spend a week or two somewhere for work on expeneses there are worse places (Runcorn I am looking at you, but not a starting a fight way).

There are easy flights from Edinburgh to Columbus. The direct service from Edinburgh to Newark and the many connections from Newark make travellilng to the USA from Edinburgh pretty straightforward. I could have done without the 4 hour layover in Newark airport. Long enough to be thoroughly bored not quite long enough to go to New York for a coffee. I read a lot of science fiction.

Security and immigration was very straightforward despite the heightened attention on these matters. It took no longer than usual to pass muster.

There is ample decent beer in Columbus. Truly we live in a golden age of beer. I found that the local bar sold Newcastle Brown (I did not order any, I don't like the stuff). I prefered the Hawaiian lager (I'm very well thank you and thank you for asking.) The pick of the bunch was World of Beer in the university district which has about 40 beers on tap. I had three and watched the sunset from beside the firepit in the beer garden.

My hotel was near the Ohio State University campus. The OSU "Buckeye's" stadium is huge. 110,000 capacity. Took me half an hour to walk round. Quite handsome looking, modelled on the Flavian Amphitheatre and the Parthenon.

I also found a Spurs supporters bar. I was in there with a colleague. He's buying the beer. I'm looking round. Spot a Spurs scarf. Then another, then a third. There's a wall of them. Several flags. Collect drink from the barman.

"Why do you have so many Tottenham scarves?"


"We're a Spurs bar?"

"Really!?! That's nice."

"Not really, I'm a Gooner."

aside to my colleague "When you're a Gooner working behind the bar in a Spurs pub it's time to reconsider your life choices."

Anyway, nice beer.

Home on Friday morning. Spent the day napping and hanging out with The Captain and one of the Cousin Uncles. There was judo.

Then beers and dinner with visitors who had come to see N and her companions. Illegal Jacks had haggis quesades and beer. That is all you need to know.

Saturday involved a trip to Murrayfield to watch a surprisingly good Scotland win handsomely in the end over a less than convincing Wales. 29-13 if I recall correctly. The usual high seats in North 4. Grand views but b'gad make sure you've been to the loo and the bar (in that order) before you take your seat.

(I watched the England Italy game on Sunday. I'm not laughing honestly. Not even a little bit.)

I am not now predicting a win against England but I wouldn't be surprised if it happened. In any event, it's nice to be three games in and still in the hunt for the Six Nations and the Triple Crown. Uncle Vern we shall miss you up in North 4.

Saturday night involved a trip to my local craft beer pub, Cloisters, where the Cousin Uncle secured a table. Yes, a table in Cloisters on a Six Nations match day. Yes, I was surprised too. He even got enough seats for everyone. Admittedly he juggled a pint of beer on top of the table and that didn't end well for the beer but sometimes you have to take the rough with the smooth. We then dined splendedly in a Greek restaurant next door. The backlava was particularly delicious.

The evening was rounded off with a dram of my new, duty free, Ron Zapaca solero rum. Lovely.

Sunday, lunch with dad and the aformentioned rugby in the afternoon.

In the morning the major business of the weekend, the Captain's first competative rugby match. He and I took the bus to Dalkeith to play a round robin mini tournament for Bororoughmuir against Dalkeith and Falkirk. He had a grand time and scored four tries including one rather fierce one diving over the line. He was playing at about 80% for the first few games and then got injured. Several kids fell over each other and one of them bashed his teeth of the Captain's leg. He was in tears but once the shock had worn off he was on fire. Four consecutive tags in one passage of play, left wing, right wing, left wing, right wing with no one else involved set the tone for the next half of the morning. He might turn out to be rather good at the game. A well received sausage roll and a lift to Grandad's for lunch rounded off the morning's sport.

I was delighted to spend the morning with him and very pleased to see him play so well.

All in all a good weeked after a decent trip away. I'm a little tired. I shall look forward to an early night tonight.
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Schools in south Edinburgh are pretty much full. Some combination of immigration, a spike in birth rates and the general good quality of the schools attracting people to the area means that most of the primary schools and all of the secondary schools are expected to be over-subscribed over the next ten years.

Various people are trying to find various ways of addressing - basically building a new primary school and a new annexe for the secondary schools.

One of the factors that is driving increased rolls is that my local secondary school picks up the Gaelic Medium teaching for Edinburgh and the Lothians.

I've been very sceptical about the promotion of the Gaelic language in southern and eastern Scotland for years now. Now the implications of the policy are begining to impact my own children's education I'm now more personally sceptical.

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This weekend was lovely.

On Friday night I instituted Cocktail Hour. I tried a Limoncello Cooler (Limoncello, gin and soda), a Brandy Alexander (brandy and Creme de Cacao and cream) and tentative creation of my own devising the Nutroast (Frangellico, Amaretto and Brandy). That was plenty.

Saturday was a day of two halves. The Captain decided to go to football, so I stood and watched him play and chatted to some of the other parents. Later than morning we cycled to Rugbytots (the cycling was hard work, it's been a while since I've been on the bike and the Captain is now bigger). Bike was a bit dusty too - there has been some long overdue repair work in the common stair. Lovely day for a ride.

Rugbytots was top notch. The Captain is making friends and doing some pretty decent play. He scored some good tries and his support play created a few more and he responded to coaching requests. The only downside was that he bumped his head whilst playing in the school grounds after the session. Cycled home - still hard work. Still a lovely day for it.

Saturday afternoon involved some errands. To the toyshop for the Captain's weekly pocket money treat. To Hobbycraft to look at boxes for painting stations. To a sports shop to get some football boots for the Captain. To a car show room to look at new cars for MLW.

By this time it was teatime. I accidentally sugggested we go out for tea and we ended up at Beijing Beijing a Chinese buffet restaurant in the outskirts of Edinburgh. Pretty good for a buffet restaurant. They run a lunch from noon to 4pm and dinner from 5pm till later. We arrived at about 4.45 to discover quite a queue built up outside. Dinner was fine. I think the Captain needs to be a little bit older for MLW and I to properly enjoy these things. He needs to be able to manage serving his own food and going to the loo on his own. At the moment it's still a bit too much like MLW and I are dining alone in shifts.

Home for bed (the Captain), a few episodes of Trapped (Icelandic police drama which has put me off visiting Iceland) for MLW and the last few chapters of Flashman on the March - the last of the Flashman Papers.

Sunday saw us have a leisurely morning at home and then repair our futon in the family room before heading out for a walk around Harlaw Reservoir. The Captain loves any walk by water. He was delighted by the frozen portions of the reservoir. I took some photographs of a swan breaking its way through the ice and of a heron fishing. (I might have to get myself a zoom lens - I couldn't really get close enough to the heron.) I also enjoyed the display about the Harlaw Hydro scheme. I always love a good renewable energy scheme.


Home for some dinner - roast poussan and for me a few Grasshoppers - slightly alcoholic mint choc chip icecream and for MLW a few more episode of Trapped.
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I've had a rather lovely weekend. MLW was away for some it so the Captain and I had some time together.

On Friday MLW and I watched the Wales vs France rugby match. It wasn't a classic but, as Wales are my second favourite Northern Hemisphere team it was good to see them win.

I also managed to slip in a quick call with my mum who is freshly returned from volunteering at Care4Calais. At first I was a bit worried about her. Her voice sounded slurred but once she told me that I'd just woken her up from a nap I relaxed. She sounded tired. I think she's had a rewarding and productive time of it but, as expected, hard work.

MLW left on Saturday morning to visit her aged mother. The Captain and got a lift to Rugbytots with Grandad and Harvey the dog. Harvey loves the Captain. The Captain loves Harvey. Rugbytots went well. Just the one sin-binning for the Captain after he became involved in an over vigorous tagging. The usual tag rugby game was played 8 on 8 and across the width of the long axis of the sports hall. The coach had an emphasis on running straight and passing in to space which the Captain picked up on. Several times I saw him eye up the state of play and then shift himself across in to space. Space was theme of the weekend.

I fancied making a lamb tagine for dinner on Sunday for MLW and I. Grandad dropped us off by the butcher but we'd just missed him. However Co-op had everything we needed, expect dried apricots. The Captain was on good form, pulling along the basket and picking up some hotdogs for his own lunch. He and I had a good conversation about saffron. My claim that is was the most expensive foodstuff in the world was greeted with sceptisim and demand to know how much all the other things we had bought cost. Price per gram is a concept that will have to wait for another day I think.

Grandad took himself off to return Harvey to my brother and then pick up my step-mum to begin their journey to Australia to see my family out there.

We got home just in time for the Scotland vs Italy game. I'd pre-warned the Captain that I would be watching this on the big television and charged up his iPad. He watched the first twenty minutes. We talked about passing in to space. Then he tucked himself up with Beettleborg.

A good game. Some excellent individual efforts from Laidlaw, Seymour, WP Nel and Hogg. Good team effort and some good game management to ensure the win and to score the final try to make the win emphatic. We've been here before, with a Scotland team that promises much, doesn't quite deliver, had a good game and then continues to not deliver but this felt a bit more focused than usual and based on a whole team performance rather than just a few flashes of invidual good play.

The Captain continued to watch Beetleborgs whilst I watched the England vs Ireland game. My two least favourite teams. Unfortunately the hoped for low scoring draw didn't materialise and the wrong team won and the mathematical possibility of Scotland winning the Six Nations disappeared. Hey ho.

Sunday was a cracking day. The Captain had a lie in until 7.30 (compared to his usual 5.30) and then I got to got to go back to bed until 9.00. He was to have a play date with his best nursery friend in the morning but his friend was poorly so it was postponed until the afternoon. The Captain and I walked down to the shops to buy a toy and some apricots (which, according to the Captain, is mostly what Waitrose is all about, he's been there before and I should prepare myself for disapppointment, in case they didn't have any as mostly that's what people buy there.) We stopped to look at the crocuses and discuss bees and saffron. He spent his pocket money on some goodies. I got some dried apricots (and a lecture about how I shouldn't buy a large packet if I was planning on making my tummy smaller.)

It was a lovely day for a walk. Bright, cold, clear and dry. We walked down the hil and took the bus home.

I dropped the Captain off at his friend's and then returned to make tagine. It was very nice but I'd added one half a teaspoon of harissa paste too much and it was a little spicey. Delcious but perhaps a little hot.

MLW returned mid-afternoon. The Captain likewise. He and I made a large train track in the Train Track Room and then had a bath together.

I slipped in the now traditional few episodes of How I Met Your Mother. I'm now up to Season 5 Episode 10 - so more than halfway through.

Not an epic weekend but a very nice one.
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A busy but enjoyable weekend.

On Saturday a trip to London to the Unlock Democracy AGM. It's always right to get a feel for the tempreture of the members on certain topics and good to meet up with other activists from around the country. Something I don't think happens enough.

On Sunday MLW was musically engaged with a "performance" with the church choir that she deps in to and attending a concert in the evening. The Captain and I had errands of mercy to run. The Captain and I set about our tasks with gusto. First to my drama group's lock up to help with moving set and props for this week's show. The usual standing around waiting for a van and the plan to turn up. In the end not a lot to move but a smaller van than usual. The Captain was incredibly good. He carried things, picked up things that had been knocked over, kept out of the way when dangerous things were being moved.

He loved the costume store and we played hide and seek there whilst waiting for the van to complete a round trip. He checked all the swords, daggers, pikes, spears, haberds He was charming and well mannered, if a little taciturn.

Pal (to the Captain): Hello, what is your Name?

Captain: Captain.

Pal: and how are you today Captain?

Captain: Good.

Pal: How old are you?

Captain: Five

Pal: Would you like to know my name?

Captain: No. Thank you.

He wants to come and see the show. It is an Alan Aykbourne play about failing marriages and Dungeons and Dragons and starts after his bed time.

After this we strolled across the Meadows to help my dad assemble a bed in his new flat. Again, the Captain lifted and carried. He's very strong. He even had a go with a screwdriver. I honestly thought he'd be slow and ineffective but he was actually better with getting in the screws than his grandad.

Home before the rain came back. We finished some constuction work on a marble run and listened to some music before we settling down on the sofa with a movie for an early tea of pizza and Indian snacks before MLW went to her concert. She got back just in time for the Strictly results show.

I was a bit surprised by the result. I thought Carol probably had another week in her before her warm public support met her lack of finesse as a dancer and she ended up in the dance off. More suprised to see Kelli and Kevin there but it's an aspect of the voting system that in the middle stages of the competition that votes can be spread thinly and catch out a few good contestants.

In a straight contest between a couple I think will be in the final and Carol it was a foregone conclusion (and nice to see the judges not pretend it was a difficult decision when it clearly wasn't). Farewell Carol.

The Captain, staying up past his bedtime to watch the results, managed to get himself sent summarily to bed during the last two minutes of the programme. He'd been warned several times about throwing things around in the family room, what with glasses and plates and hot food and so on. Just as Carol was eliminated he found a rubber ball in his pocket.

Captain: What would happen if I threw this?

Me: Just like the koala or the frog or the other ball and all the other stuff you've been warned about, you'd be straight to bed.

Captain: Just straight to bed? No second chances?

Me: No, immediately to bed.

Captain: *throws ball*

Me: *picks up Captain* Good night.

Captain: But I don't want to go to bed. I want to see the dancing programme...

There followed an evening of Sunday night television including an exciting episode of Downton Abbey. It really is the most searing political satire of our age.
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I have a weekend of adventure.

To London!

The Captain and I went to London on the sleeping train on Thursday night to meet up with MLW on Friday morning and Bluebird on Friday afternoon.

The Captain was delighted and excited by the sleeping train. We got on at 11pm and it leaves at 11.40. He loved his bunker bed and his wee bag of toiletries. When he woke up in the morning and discovered we had a sink and window he was beside himself with delight. It was awesome.

We arrived at about 6.30, had a bacon sandwich and made our way to the house we were staying in to drop off our bags then out to the Natural History Museum. There by bus - a proper London red bus, back by tube - less exciting - it's just a train under the ground, it doesn't even have bunker beds. I'd over estimated how long it would take to travel there and back so we arrived at the museum at 9am for a 10am opening. Second breakfast in a nice cafe nearby and then back to join the queue to get in. (The queue to get in is mainly driven by bag inspection).

The Captain and I scampered round the museum for a few hours looking at dinosaurs and bugs and Jurasic marine repiles before MLW joined us to go and look at earthquakes and volcanos and a rather cool escalator followed by lunch. I was able to see some of the orginal pliosaurs and plesiosaurs from Lyme Regis as well as a moasaur which I'd not seen before. When I visited Lyme Regis we took a guided fossil walk along the cliffs and the guide, once finished, hurried off to continue digging out a sea-dragon that he'd found emerging from the cliff face.

After lunch we tried the Captain on the Victoria and Albert musuem which he enjoyed. He was very taken with the idea of statues. I think he'd about had enough when we discovered a fountain he could fall in to in the courtyard. MLW sat in the sun and ate frozen yoghurt whilst the Captain capered in the water. On the way out he and I had a good chat about a statue of Diana the Huntress.

Once we'd dried him off it was time to go and meet Bluebird in Kings Cross and go for Brazillian bbq buffet then home.

"Home" worked very well although we had to swop the Captain and Bluebird's beds around because the Captain liked elephants. The Captain was particularly excited to be able to show MLW and BB around the house.

On Saturday the four of us went to the Tower of London. Again an early start to beat the crowds (it's the only way to trackle London). I liked the Tower. Lots of interesting history and cool stuff. We saw some kids singing show tunes, halberds, some nice scuptures of animals evocking the former menagerie which was closed due the extreme danger of having dangerous animals in a non-purpose built place. The last victim was the head keeper, nearly bitten to death by a snake, at which point the Duke of Wellington called time on the whole thing. I liked the display of armour and the political role the place has played as a large armory in the centre of Britain's largest population centre. MLW liked the animal scuptures and the Captain really liked the Princes in the Tower, because they were children. He went round their bit twice and wanted to know if the bones they found were really them. Which lead to the question, if we are able to identify Richard III using DNA evidence are we able to identify the recovered bodies which are now in Westminister Abbey.

Back home for crispy duck from Waitrose.

On Sunday I left early to drop off our luggage at Kings Cross left luggage then met up with everyone at the London Eye. This was the Captain's particular thing that he wanted to do in London and he had a fab time. The Eye is nice. I've been on it twice now. It overlooks my old office in Old Scotland Yard which is nice. I think it cost us £70 for the four of us to go round the wheel. It's not something I'd do more than once every ten years. The Captain enjoyed it.

After the Eye we wondered along the Southbank, there are some play parks, we found a very large sandpit and some public art (in which the Captain injured himself in a head on collission with another lad) . We had lunch at one of the street food markets. I had a very nice Carabbean chicken curry and a pint of Meantime London Lager. MLW some sort of risotto ball with ham and cheese. After lunch the Captain discovered some Hobbit holes and then, perhaps the pick of the day, a rooftop garden on top of the Southbank Centre. We pottered a bit then pottered off to our stations to catch our trains home.

Sunday was Fathers' Day and BB gifted me an interesting book and a lovely pair of cufflinks (which I think shall live at the office for a few months as my main work cufflinks).

The train journey to Edinburgh was lovely. The Captain watched something on his iPad, I snoozed and MLW read her book until it was time for picnic team and a few board games then home.

All very lovely.
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A very pleasant weekend in Bristol with Bluebird. Mainly pirates but with some psychology and gender politics.

Cut for brevity )
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The Captain has started watching Doctor Who. This may be because if he watches Doctor Who he can stay up a bit later on Saturday night but he seems to be enjoying the show and enjoying watching it with me. So I’ve decided to record his reaction to the show and my reactions to his reactions as part of my LJ.

The first entry in this series will be a recap on the first four episodes of season eight and the status quo anti.

The Captain has watched occassional episodes of Doctory Who in the past mainly because it’s been on and I’ve been watching it. He particularly liked the episode with the dinosaurs on the spaceship.

Episode One – Deep Breath

He spent most of this episode curled up behind me on our winged chair. Not much engagement with what was going on as I recall. We were all a bit tired from The Great Navigation.

Episode Two – Into the Dalek

The Captain and Doctor Who really came alive over this episode. He was very busy explaining to his mum all the things about the Garlicks that I’d just told him, but filtered through a four year old brain. This episode provoked a fairly deep conversation with him about the nature of good and evil and whether people were naturally one or the other. Not a bad way to start watching a programme.

Episode Three – Robot of Sherwood.

The Captain likes Robin Hood so he was delighted with this episode. For a few days after he had taken to slapping his thighs. This is the only episode he’s watched again. This was a sitting on the sofa jumping around episode.

Episode Four – Listen

MLW and I weren’t going to let the Captain watch this on the grounds that a story about scary things hiding under you bed and grabbing you is not conducive to a good night’s sleep if you are four or the parent of a four year old.

By accident we put it on. The Captain thought this episode was hilarous. I mean he laughed so much that I couldn’t follow what was going on over the noise of his laughter. The bit where the Doctor drank the man’s coffee is apparantly comedy gold.

He spent most of the episode sitting behind me on the winged chair where he likes to go when he’s a bit scared. So he must have picked up some of the creepiness. Still didn’t stop him finding it hilarious. I should send an audio of him watching this episode to Moffat marked #MoffatScaryFail.

Episode Five – Time Heist

I was away this weekend so I didn’t get to watch this with him. Instead I leave you with a selection of text messages from MLW that she sent me whilst they were watching.

“You shouldn’t answer the phone as bad things happen.

“What was that thing? What was it doing to that man?” (Teller eats the man’s brains I think).

The Captain is now hiding from the “sniffer dog alien!”

“Why were they in red jackets?” (The Teller again I think)

“Why were they white?”

“Why did she say shut up? That’s a naughty word.”

Watching Doctor Who with the Captain has certainly improved my enjoyment of it.
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Today is election day in the UK for the European Parliament.

I have already been and voted. I took the Captain up with me.  Partly because MLW is working away in Glasgow and for various logistical reasons it was easier for me to take him with me and vote this morning. Partly because I wanted to introduce him to voting. Partly because the polling station is in the primary school he will be going to in 15 months time and this was a nice opportunity to show him the inside of it.

He was a bit nervous about going in to the building. It is much, much larger than his very small nursery school. The PE hall in which the polling station was located is significantly bigger than his whole nursery.

He helped me pick who I was going to vote for. Surprisingly picking the same party for me as I had actually decided to vote for. Then he posted the ballot into the ballot box.  Vote early vote often.

Then we scooted down the big hill in to the sunrise.

I was a bit worried about the No2EU representative outside the polling station. I’m not sure he was sticking to the letter of the law with his leafleting.

As usual voting allowed me a small opportunity to smirk at the BNP who are promising to make Scotland better.

Picking my candidate (or collection of candidates) was pretty easy this time round. I am usually chosing between 2 or 3 parties, depending on which election it is, which electoral system is being used and which seat I’m voting in. The sixth Euro seat in Scotland looks pretty marginal so I’ve voted tactically amongst my prefered parties in order to keep one particular party out. I’ll find out on Sunday if I’m successful.

All in all a pleasant enough adventure although the Captain was pretty tired after all the voting.
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Quite literally on rollercoasters.

My day out at Alton Towers with my daughter )
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The Captain and I had a duvet day yesterday. 

I don’t get the August bank holiday. I think it’s the bank holiday we give up so we can have both of the Easter bank holidays and the two Hogmaney bank holidays. However, MLW is away singing for the week so I had the day off.

I’d planned to take the Captain out for a sunny day of outside Festival fun but as it turned out we were both a bit poorly.  Certainly I was.  The Captain claimed to be a bit poorly too but I thought he might be just joining in until he slept for three hours.

I’m not sure what I had.  Symptoms of stomach cramps and general unwellness. I think it might be a side effect of some anti-inflamatory drugs I have prescribed (1) but I’m not sure.

So he and I spent the day on the sofa nibbling dry crackers and sipping tonic water and watching movies on Netflix and taking turns to nap. (2)

Which turned out to be very lovely.

(1) I slightly damaged a ligament in my left foot whislt on holiday. I stumbled over some shingles on the beach whilst carrying the  Captain and hurt myself and it hasn’t gone away in it’s own.  It’s very exciting I have an elasticated bandage.

(2) Many of the films were about dragons although some had Alan Partridge in them.
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The Captain has provided two moments of surreal merriment in as many days.

In recent weeks he has become very interested in water. He has always enjoyed baths and helping with the washing up. We’ve started taking him swimming and he now has access to the water play table at nursery. He’s all about water at the moment.

He’s not so keen on showers. He’ll come into the shower with either MLW or me occassionally and he tolerates them when we go swimming but he’s not a huge fan. Pretty much any other water source is of highest excellence.

The fortnight or so we’ve often found him sitting on the spare bed in his room looking up at the ceiling muttering to himself about water. MLW and I were a bit puzzled about his. Water from above happens in the shower or outside but not in his bedroom. I spent twenty minutes or so one bedtime asking him about it. He was adament. Water from the ceiling. No, he wouldn’t like a shower. He was too busy looking for water from the ceiling. Did he want to go outside? No, it was bedtime and time to look for water from the ceiling. He seemed more sad than anything that I didn’t understand. For a few moments I even began to wonder if he’d developed precognition and we were about to be flooded by our upstairs neighbours. (I blame watching Watership Down on the tele earlier.)

I was so puzzled by his behavour that I asked nursery if they had read any stories about a flood. No, they hadn’t. And then we looked up, at the large velux windows in the nursery ceiling where the rain would fall and turn into streaming water. On the ceiling.

If water happens on the ceiling of one nice, safe, happy place, why wouldn’t it happen on the ceiling of other nice, safe, happy, places.

His other moment of genius is about discipline.

The Captain is not allowed to climb onto the table. It is one of the rules.

Once saying No and explaining the rules and the reasons for them has failed our prefered method of discipline is to put the Captain on his back and repeat the rule and then let him get himself up from the floor. It worked very well with his older sister.

Over the weekend he was placed on his back for climbing on the table. Yesterday I got home from work and MLW told me that he had been climbing on the table again. He’d keep doing it despite being picked up and put back on the chair. He then climbed back onto the table, pointed at the floor and then asked to be put on his back on the floor. When he was he made the required sad and contrite face and then bounced off to do Captain business elsewhere.

The world inside the head of a small child must be as strange and wonderful as small children find the world.
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The Capt has broken my glasses. I’m not quite sure how he did it. One second I was wearing them, the next he had them in his hands, a second later he had twisted one arm back on itself, popped the screw holding the frames together and the lens was out.

This is going to be inconvenient. My other glasses are sunglasses or six years old.

I am currently wearing contact lens. They are not working so well in the air conditioned office in which I spend most of my day looking at small numbers on VDU.

I'm already struggling to see and it's only ten o'clock.
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The Captain is a gentle and affectionate little boy. He likes to hold the hands of other babies and he tries to stroke the faces of his parents. I love this about him very much.

He is learning to kiss. So far he has grasped that you do kisses by putting your mouth on someone else’s face. He approaches his new found skill with gusto. His current method of delivering a kiss is to plant his face on your face, with his mouth open and hum. This causes dribble. The Captain also has a cold.  This causes snot. The combination could be used to grease marine engines.

 This morning he was particularly affectionate and gave me a five minute kiss. No exaggeration, five minutes. 

 Today I feel very loved by an elemental little boy.

 Today, I am also going to invest in a kissing cloth.


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