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So it looks like the undertaker may have lost my grandpa's ashes.

Good thing grandma's funeral was not emotionally charged.

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My grandmother died on the afternoon of the 2nd of January. She was 91. She had been in an essentially vegetative state for many years following a series of small strokes. I doubt she noticed her own death.

I had intended this post to describe her unique blend of evil, made all the more potent by its pettiness and to work from there to demonstrate why my response of indifference is both rationally and emotionally appropriate.

Families are curious things. Mine is large, gnarled, contingent and sprawling. I find that my grandmother was not part of it, had never been part of it and now she is dead.

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I was chatting with my fellow Edinburgh reform group Convenor this afternoon about 2013 campaigns and plans. Which was nice.

On the way home she mentioned a piece of work she is doing on the use of theatre in Japan to legitimise the Imperial family. Knowing that I had an interest in theatre and Romans she wondered if I might know anything about use of popular entertainment by roman politicians. A little it turns out.

But then it occurred to me, I know way way less than someone I know about the politics of early imperial Rome. So I was able to suggest a name of a mutual acquaintance.

Which was nice.

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On Holiday

Aug. 5th, 2012 01:06 pm
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Or rather Off Holiday.

Just returned from two weeks holiday in Murcia with MLW, Bluebird, The Captain and my mum.

Murcia appears to not have the Internet but it does have lots of sun.

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I am stuck on a train with The Capt & My Lovely Wife. The train ahead of us has broken down and we've be waiting in Berwick upon Tweed station for a little over a hour.

The Capt is in good form. I have been banished to the vestibule whilst he runs between our seats and the vestibule carrying kisses between his parents.

And we're moving.

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