Mar. 7th, 2016

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This weekend was lovely.

On Friday night I instituted Cocktail Hour. I tried a Limoncello Cooler (Limoncello, gin and soda), a Brandy Alexander (brandy and Creme de Cacao and cream) and tentative creation of my own devising the Nutroast (Frangellico, Amaretto and Brandy). That was plenty.

Saturday was a day of two halves. The Captain decided to go to football, so I stood and watched him play and chatted to some of the other parents. Later than morning we cycled to Rugbytots (the cycling was hard work, it's been a while since I've been on the bike and the Captain is now bigger). Bike was a bit dusty too - there has been some long overdue repair work in the common stair. Lovely day for a ride.

Rugbytots was top notch. The Captain is making friends and doing some pretty decent play. He scored some good tries and his support play created a few more and he responded to coaching requests. The only downside was that he bumped his head whilst playing in the school grounds after the session. Cycled home - still hard work. Still a lovely day for it.

Saturday afternoon involved some errands. To the toyshop for the Captain's weekly pocket money treat. To Hobbycraft to look at boxes for painting stations. To a sports shop to get some football boots for the Captain. To a car show room to look at new cars for MLW.

By this time it was teatime. I accidentally sugggested we go out for tea and we ended up at Beijing Beijing a Chinese buffet restaurant in the outskirts of Edinburgh. Pretty good for a buffet restaurant. They run a lunch from noon to 4pm and dinner from 5pm till later. We arrived at about 4.45 to discover quite a queue built up outside. Dinner was fine. I think the Captain needs to be a little bit older for MLW and I to properly enjoy these things. He needs to be able to manage serving his own food and going to the loo on his own. At the moment it's still a bit too much like MLW and I are dining alone in shifts.

Home for bed (the Captain), a few episodes of Trapped (Icelandic police drama which has put me off visiting Iceland) for MLW and the last few chapters of Flashman on the March - the last of the Flashman Papers.

Sunday saw us have a leisurely morning at home and then repair our futon in the family room before heading out for a walk around Harlaw Reservoir. The Captain loves any walk by water. He was delighted by the frozen portions of the reservoir. I took some photographs of a swan breaking its way through the ice and of a heron fishing. (I might have to get myself a zoom lens - I couldn't really get close enough to the heron.) I also enjoyed the display about the Harlaw Hydro scheme. I always love a good renewable energy scheme.

Home for some dinner - roast poussan and for me a few Grasshoppers - slightly alcoholic mint choc chip icecream and for MLW a few more episode of Trapped.


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