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It seems my life revolves around boxes at the moment.

I require a box in which to keep my painting station and some associated equipment. It needs to be large enough to acommodate the painting station and small enough to fit under a dresser in my family room. Roughly 70cm long by 45cm wide by 19cm high. An unusual shape.

Rather than buying a bespoke cardboard box I have made one out of old cardboard canabalised from packing boxes from Dad and packing tape. It required a bit of cutting and sticking and so on. It's not perfect. It's a bit ramshackle and I've made it slightly too big. It's a snug fit under the dress and sticks out a bit. It could do with a lid (so that I can rest the painting station on the box when using it). The lid I've made is a little too big - so I need to cut it down and this might weaken it. Not a big deal.

It needs something to hold the painting station off the bottom of the box to create a storage space underneath - probably a couple of biscuit tins will do.

Next week I'll either spray paint it or more likely cover it with suitable wrapping paper so it looks less like bits of cardboard stuck together with packing tape and more like a Thing.

And, you what. It took two hours to make using free materials and most of that time was figuring out how to make it. If the current box fails in service then I can make one that works a little better and fits perfectly.
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In other table top gaming news I have arranged a demonstration game at my new favourite shop of a table top game called Dystopian Wars. This is a steam punk table top wargame mainly focused on naval and ariel battles. It looks fun and will hopefully fill the gap left by the demise of Battlefleet Gothic (Games Workshops space based naval table top game.)

The game is set in the late 19th century but one with an alternative history and the discovery of some new technology which has provoked a general world war. it has a steampunk vibe. There are giant robots and airships.

One of the factions is the Royal Australians. G'day mate, I'm Admiral Bruce.

The demo will be on the 13th of June and I'll be being demo'd to by one of the chief writers of the game. Which will be cool.

If I like it again I think my strategy will be to pick up workable forces for a few factions so I can play at home with guests.

There seems to be a vibrant gaming community in Edinburgh - I think I just need to find a way in.
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So, I'm getting back in to Warhammer, the table top battle game for grown up well paid twelve year olds and their children everywhere.

Cut for nerdy goodness )

Measuring Sticks Ahoy.


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