Apr. 15th, 2016

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It seems my life revolves around boxes at the moment.

I require a box in which to keep my painting station and some associated equipment. It needs to be large enough to acommodate the painting station and small enough to fit under a dresser in my family room. Roughly 70cm long by 45cm wide by 19cm high. An unusual shape.

Rather than buying a bespoke cardboard box I have made one out of old cardboard canabalised from packing boxes from Dad and packing tape. It required a bit of cutting and sticking and so on. It's not perfect. It's a bit ramshackle and I've made it slightly too big. It's a snug fit under the dress and sticks out a bit. It could do with a lid (so that I can rest the painting station on the box when using it). The lid I've made is a little too big - so I need to cut it down and this might weaken it. Not a big deal.

It needs something to hold the painting station off the bottom of the box to create a storage space underneath - probably a couple of biscuit tins will do.

Next week I'll either spray paint it or more likely cover it with suitable wrapping paper so it looks less like bits of cardboard stuck together with packing tape and more like a Thing.

And, you what. It took two hours to make using free materials and most of that time was figuring out how to make it. If the current box fails in service then I can make one that works a little better and fits perfectly.
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Reflecting on Andy's recent post about not, not having money, here are some reflections on my own brush with poverty.
More bananas lie beyond )


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