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Yesterday evening on the way home from mannnig the box office for my theatre groups show I *think* I overheard this snippet of conversation between two University age kids

“…it’s for when they do anal to your face…”

Now, I’m not naïve enough to think a twenty year old guy and girl won’t be sitting outside Starbucks talking about anal sex. Hell I was doing exactly that nearly 20 years ago, except that we didn’t have Starbucks (Kids, once upon a time if you wanted to talk about anal sex you had to go to the pub.)

What baffles is me is that the line makes no sense and I can’t think of a way that I might of mis-heard the line that does make sense.

So my question for the internet today is – what could that snippet of speech actually be that that I could mis-hear it as

 “…it’s for when they do anal to your face…”


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I was taking the Captain to Space Academy this morning.  Walking up Middle Meadow Walk I saw a chap wearing casual business dress and flip flops.

In Edinburgh, in March.

The sound of his flipflops shluping along the street was quite evocative, but not, for me, in a good way.

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Overheard on the Meadows this morning,

Scene - The Meadows on my way to Work

Dramatis Personae

A School Boy, in school uniform

His Granddad, in a black leather jacket, sunglasses, comedy beard and a black pork pie hat.

Grandad: We used to perform the last number of the set with the curtain down so that the other band could set up.  The Satchmo' liked it that way, it meant he could just open big as soon as we'd finished.

School Boy: *slouch*

Granddad: Yeah, he was a real pro Armstrong.


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