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I have spent the weekend visiting my aunt with Bluebird.

For details of my weekend and theatre review )
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I am in the technical crew (nearly in the Arty bit because things I do appear on stage and I get to take a bow) for a play being produced by my drama group.

We are putting on A Comedy of Errors. It is a farce, with two pairs of twins, a master and a servant each, separated at birth, being mistaken for each other and mistaking each others servant or master for their own. Lots of slapstick. I’m really impressed by the show. It’s laugh out loud funny in rehearsal. I think this is a good sign.

I’m responsible for operating the projector. The projector displays a shadow puppet show of the back story of the separation of the twins and also name cards as characters enter. The shadow puppet bit is quite tricky and I don’t have long to learn it so that I’m as good as the rest of the cast. I’m sure it will be fine but it needs some attention.

I’m enjoying the show. I like being part of the group. It’s nice to be doing something good and something that is creative and different from what I’ve spent the last six months doing.

I wish I’d been able to be in the performance cast but I chose to campaign for democracy instead.

It’s going to be a good show.

Tickets here if anyone fancies booking but there will be tickets available on the door.

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I really enjoyed Experiement With An Air Pump.

In a rare night out I went to the theatre.


I had a very enjoyable night at the theatre last night. A friend and colleague from my drama group was directing Experiement With An Air Pump.


The wikipedia article sums up the plot of the play pretty well but it does come with a spolier warning. I think the play more enjoyable if you don’t read the plot summary.  


 By way of prologue, the play is set in the same house in the days running up to New Years Eve 1799 and 1999. Two families, both headed by a scientist are preparing for the century to come both in terms of advances in their particular fields of scientific endevour and their family.

 The play explores themes of scientific and medical ethics and also gender and family dynamics. In each family the dominant (although I hesitate to use that word) family member is the scientist with their partner an student of the Arts.

 I don’t recall ever seeing a play before that dealt with the differences between Art and Science from the point of view of the scientist.


I thought it was very thought provoking and I like the complementary but not interlinked narrative structure.

 I thought the cast strong, the direction crisp and it is such a good play. Art, Science, sex, death, infidelity, gender politics, family dynamics and medical ethics. And funny too. What more could you want from a play?

Really good stuff, go and see it if you can.

It’s on at 7.45 Thursday to Saturday at the Laureston Street Hall, tickets are £10 and selling out fast.



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