May. 13th, 2016

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I have ordered a replacement Kindle.

I continue to be sad about losing the other one.

It was cheaper than the last time I looked at one. The cover is still the same price.
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Trying to start work on explaining our quality assurance process to a client. That is not going so well.

Recently I have done

Saw my dad for a beer.

Went out for a Michenlin starred dinner with My Lovely Wife, then a New York dinner style breakfast, then pizza - all in one weekend.

I've been booking things like massages and gin distillery tours.

Training - Two personal training sessions. I've run through the set MLW bought me for my birthday and I've decided to commit to doing two a week for the next 6-12 months. This is quite expensive so I may need to buy fewer pies at lunch.

Work -

Variance analysis for our half year performance. I have blamed the government. Not just mine, but yours too.

Got to the bottom of one of those niggling accounting things that no-one else ever understands or cares about but which suddenly pop up when your accounts are qualified (this is a bad thing) your debt covenants are pulled and you discover you are bankrupt. Mostly they cause irritation and disharmony.

I've also done some work on intellectual property rights when contracting with governments and some bid costing.

Democracy - nominated myself for Unlock Democracy's Council.

I'm doing some analysis of the Scottish Election results. So far I've looked at Lothians, Glasgow and Highlands and Island. I'll work my through the rest of the regions in no particular order then I'll have a look at the #BothVotesX stramash.

Drama - wrote up a plan for a drama workshop I'm running in a few weeks.


I'm a bit tired but feeling a little perkier than recently.

Does it make me a bad person that I am looking forward to the Conservative Party getting in to a mid-nineties style open civil war with both themselves and with UKIP?
That I don't actually care about the Hugo Awards or any of the Puppies (other than the opportunity to troll them with an old school reference by setting up the Mad Puppies, then the Bad Puppies and the Dangerous to Know Puppies). I think I ought to care - but I don't.

Bit worried that we (the UK) might actually vote to leave the EU and then we (Scotland) will have to go through the whole #IndyRef process again.

That my son is brilliant and my daughter is working hard. The youth of today, eh?


Mary Beard's programme about Rome.
I opted out of Welsh Scandi-noir detectoring and read my book instead.

Also watching my garden grown. Following a recent tidy and a bit of planting it is looking pretty good. It's starting to look like the 4D concept I had when I started work on it.


Randall Monroe's What Iff - which I bought as a present for MLW but she discovered it whilst tidying up and thought it was for me so I wasn't able to gift it to her. I think she'd like it.

Also reading Pyramids by Terry Pratchet. I've not read it for years. Quite enjoying it so far.

And I'm making my way through the Flashman books by George MacDonald Fraser.


Analysis of Holyrood elections.
Correspondence with inter alia my dad about energy policy, renewable energy and nuclear power economics.
Notes on how to workshop Shakespeare for Fun and Profit.


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