Apr. 21st, 2016

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My favourite Shakespeare character depends a bit on what we mean by favourite. I enjoy Falstaff. I think Beatrice from Much Ado is the character I'd most like to know. Mark Antony is the historical character I think Shakespeare gets most right. Richard the Third is the character I think he most skillfully misrepresents.

I'll go for Beatrice. She's funny and charming and wise and loves her friends and her family and is so, so angry at the way her life is ordered. By my troth, a pleasant-sprited lady.

I promise I have seen, read and been in more than one Shakespeare play.
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I've been hanging out with people. It's been nice.

A college friend of MLW's has been in town. He's an academic and is researching merchant banking in the 18th century so in town to check out some archives.

I managed to grab a beer - well two - with widget_fox. 7 Giraffes - a favourite beer of mine. Two of them make 14 Giraffes. The cafe was nice. I've been their once before, and remembered that it was nice and had a nice courtyard garden at the back. The weather wasn't quite warm enough for sitting out but it's nice to have the option.

Then home for some spicy roast chicken deliciousness, a nice bottle of wine and a small sample of Highland Park 12 and 15 year olds. Both delicious.

Last night MLW and I took her friend to Calistogia in town for some food and some more lovely wine. Very nice steaks. Delicious Californian red wine. The Scotch Malt Whisky Society for a drink afterwards. Some more Highland Park for our guest.

Tonight I think I have the job of taking the internal audit team from head office out for a few beers and burger. If the weather holds I may even sit outside with them.


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