Mar. 16th, 2016

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My letter was R.

Something I hate: Red Sauce. I have never liked tomato ketchup. It's one of perhaps only three foods that I struggle with. If something has been touched by tomato ketchup it is contaminated.

Something I love: Radio - it's such an information dense medium but also one that allows parallel processes. Some of my happiest memories are of doing something else whilst listening to Test Match Special or one of the Radio 4 commedies. The drive through the southern Highlands to Oban on honeymoon listening to The Now Show was positively dangerous.

Somewhere I've been: Red Centre, the colloquial name for the middle of Australia. I've been to Ayres Rock and Alice, to Coober Pedy and Port Augusta. I've seen water in Lake Eyre and the New Year in the desert. There is a great deal of not very much out there and it is all red.

Somewhere I'd like to go: the Round Tops, both Big Round Top and Little Round Top at Gettysburg. It's perhaps not the most important battle of the US Civil War but it is the most famous and I admire Joshua Camberlain. I would like to see where he won his Medal of Honour.

Someone I know: Robert

A film I like: Robots - an animated film about work and life and entrepreneurship, corporate ownership and the role of capital in society. It's a searing indictment of American capitalism which offers a typcially American solution of replacing the wrong sort of capitalist with the right sort of capitalist, Daddy Warbuck and Henry Ford instead of Gordon Gecko and Enron.

If anyone else would like a letter, leave a comment!
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So I have L from alitheapipkin

Something I hate: Lychees. My mum once saved the life of a man who owned a lychee plantation. He gifted her department a shipping container of lychees. We were eating lychees for months. There is a limit to how many lychees one can eat and I know to the gram where my limit is and how far beyond it I've gone
Something I love: Law, I love jurisprudence, I love the mental discpline of legal thinking but mostly I love the concept of living in a lawful, law abiding polity under the law.
Somewhere I've been: London. I have mixed feelings about London. I enjoy visiting but one of shadow life goals is that I never, ever, ever want to live in London.
Somewhere I'd like to go: Low Earth Orbit - it would be fun to be an astronaut, if only sort of.
Someone I know: My daughter who is a great comfort to me in my old age and a fine person.
A film I like: Love Actually.

If anyone else would like a letter, leave a comment!


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