Apr. 25th, 2016

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A sunny weekend.

Saturday saw the Captain and I take on a morning of sporting endevour.

Soccer at 9.30 for an hour. He wasn't keen on going and had to be strong-armed in to it but had a lovely time once we'd walked out of the house and across the road to the football training. His team won the kick about. He was very pleased although not as pleased as one of his fellows who did a great header.

Later that morning to Rugbytots for the first session of the new term. The class is expanded with about half a dozen kids moving up from the younger class. They had no idea what they were doing. The coach's mantra that rugby is a simple game - you run forward and pass backwards seemed to be one concept too many for them. I'm sure they will get the hang of it in a few weeks.

That afternoon the Captain had a birthday party and MLW was machinating on something with other parents so I had a nap.

I was invited to join the Captain for his evening bath and we had a good chat about what it was like at primary school when I was his age.

Sunday saw us go to a trampolining birthday party and then on to Dirleton Castle. Dirleton Castle is a medaevil castle near North Berwick. It was built in the 13th Century, modified in the 15th Century and again in the 16th Century before being put out of commission by Cromwell in 1650. Largely it seems to have been home to some of Scotland's Troublemakers in Chief including some family who were involved in the murder of Riccio and the attempted kidnapping of James VI. It would have been an effective castle in its day and when modified it looked like an not unpleasant country house. After Cromwell broke it the grounds were bought up by a neighbour who built a country house nearby and the castle mouldered away - an unnecessary and outmodded form of defence.

The Captain had been there with holiday camp a few weeks before and acted as our guide. Mostly showing us where the latrines were. This seemed to be a particular fascination of his. He did a fine job of showing us round. He'd remember lots from his last visit and was very able to talk about the castle and his visit. He enjoyed the murder holes and the latrine holes and the prison pit. Generally, holes. MLW liked the new bits. I liked the orginal storage cellars where, because there was no money in feudal Scotland, the rent was kept after being harvested. The highlight of the visit was the Captain rolling down the side of the moat, including one epic slide on his back, headfirst. The Boys Brigade were very taken with the Captains grass sliding prowess.

We shared our visit with about 150 Boys Brigade members on a combined troop outing. We kept out of their way as much as possible. We did manage to get ourselves trapped in the main hall with them between us and the door whilst the leader promised them a sermon from some visiting minister and started giving them a warm pitch about how their discipline and Christian faith would stand them in good stead when times got hard. That being as it may we decided it was time to cut our loses and make good our escape but we had to walk behind and then in front of the speaker and then carefully through the ranks of the Lothians combined Boys Brigade. I'll say this for them all, their discipline and Christian faith certainly helped the chief keep going in the face of our walk out. He didn't miss a beat.

The Boys Brigade had laid on some entertainments for themselves so we got to watch an archery demonstration and then some novice archery. As informative and amusing as you'd expect. The Captain was well taken with the notion. It took some effort to keep the Captain from basically standing behind the butts shouting encouragement. Honestly, I think he believes himself to be indestructable.

The Captain and I spent a happy hour in the sunshine perched on the rock escarpment below the walls looking at slaters and talking about paleontology and Oliver Cromwell.

Home via a Chinese buffet.

I watched a Stewart Lee stand up routine and then Death in Paradise before bed.
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I was recently asked (and flattered to be asked) for my thoughts on energy by someone who was engaged in a post-grad in energy studies. This is what I sent them.

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That's my energy starter for ten.


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