Mar. 14th, 2016

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A lovely weekend.

(Dot balls boys, string 'em together.)

On Friday I was tired. I'd have my first session with my new personal trainer and was feeling the burn. My legs felt they ought to belong to someone else. Someone less lucky and with higher pain thresholds than me. Also I've had a slight cold. I had an early night. It was nice.

On Saturday the Captain and I went to football. I had a good chat with some of the other parents. Dogs are not popular. Tindr is baflling. Being assaulted in the park after dark is a worry. The Captain and I then proceeded to a friend's dance birthday party. I had a good chat with the parents (friends from NCT). The Captain danced. There was cake.

MLW returned from her dress rehearsal. We had tea together and she went off to sing. I read the Captain some of Danny, the Champion of the World. We are both really enjoying that.

I watched How I Met Your Mother.

On Sunday we went all three to the rugby to see Scotland play France. We made up a party with a friend of MLW's, an old school friend of mine, her husband and her 9 year old son, (he was good value, two of my step-brothers. I was expecting to see F3F4 but I think he was elsewhere.

It was a very pleasant warm day. Rare to be at Murrayfield and not cold. Rarer still to see Scotland win, against France, and look like they meant it. I mean, they didn't win by a flukey interception try scored against the run of play. They got ahead, stayed ahead, managed the clock and the game and won with room to spare. The win puts Scotland third in the table with the chance to finish second in the unlikely event that Italy beat Wales. Stranger things have happened.

The atmosphere in the ground was great. There was even cheerful singing at the end when it became apparant that Scotland had the game won. We were sitting near the French band. They have been practising. The Captain sang away and blew the Horn of Rightousness with gusto.

There has been some suggestion that it is disapppointing that Scotland's win over France means that England wins the Six Nations. I'm having none of that. I'd rather Scotland finished as high up the table as we can. Sure, I'd rather Wales won the Six Nations and not England but I'd rather Scotland finished third or second instead of last and questions of the overall winner are secondary to that. We should not be, even in jest, even in sport, enablers of anti-England but in all things strive to be the best we can. If that means that England also do well, well so be it.

After the game - to the pub for few pints with the Spare Siblings. Well, to the basement cocktail bar in the West End. For a pint. Good chat. Nice to hang out with the boys. Home in time for dinner with MLW. Fell asleep watching Icelandic crime drama and got sent to bed.


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