Date: 2016-11-11 10:24 am (UTC)
I agree with you about Congressional term limits.

If I'm in Congress why would I vote to fire myself. More cyncically, if I'm a rich person and I've paid to have a tame Congressperson elected why would I want to have to go to the trouble of finding another and breaking them in.

I agree with you about the Chinese currency too. China seems to have been steadily letting the yuan appreciate. It's probably still a bit under valued but perhaps no more so than the German Euro. But it's a nice bit of narrative to throw out. "Hostile government does unfair thing and American's suffer unjustly - why won't your government do something about it?" it sounds true and it sounds potent and it sounds like something that a strong honest leader could sort out if he wanted to. The fact that it used to be true a bit just makes it better.

Also agree on the protectionism. He seem to be a good old fashioned protectionist nativist. There's almost somethning of the Know Nothing about him. And again relocating jobs is great rhetoric. "It's easy, just tell the foreigners they can't sell things to the USA and our corporations will have to move the job back here." It's difficult to actually do because often the technology that is being used abroad (the factory system) isn't hard to reproduce and whilst you might be able to put tariffs on inport to the US one can't unilaterally put tariffs on trade between Bangladesh and the UK, so you might be able to direct a bit of domestic consumption towards domestic production but that doesn't help you much with exports or the impact of the price increases. Then you get the counter measures and then robots do the job instead of poor Bangladeshis.

I am very worried about his European / Russian policy. I fear he'll throw the Baltics under the bus and Europe will end up in a low intensity war with Russia. Unlikely but not impossible and very very bad if it happens. And once again it's going to be poor boys from Alabama and Flint, Michigan who end up being sent over to sort it out.
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